CFC Mapper v1.2.1

This application is designed to map out the dependencies between CFCs (ColdFusion Components). This application creates a browsable structure so you can see what objects are used in a CFC and what other objects are using a CFC. It does what the built in ColdFusion cfc explorer can't do which is allow you to browse cfc parents and children. Updates: 3/3/2007 Fixed database insert issues when using MySql 3/2/2007 Fixed dbo. prefex on table names Fixed typo in application var 2/28/2007 v1.0 Out of beta! Upated all files to be version 1.0 Fixed issue displaying link to extends object Corrected issue with case sensitivity with query of queries Added check to see if objects are still in session prior to display Added onError block to application.cfc

Created: 2/2/07 1:34 PM

Last Update: 3/3/07 2:07 PM

This ColdFusion Builder extension adds some basic jQuery Mobile functionality to Builder. You can right click on a directory and have it generate you a base index.cfm file. Also, you can right click on a file and have access to a full menu of jQuery Mobile snippits. Note: This extension does not validate entire page synatax. It meerly gives you snippits to add to your code.

Created: 3/11/11 6:14 PM

Last Update: 4/24/11 9:30 PM

Threat Level v1.0.2b

Application written in Apollo that looks up and displays the current Terror Threat level. It continuously checks every hour while the application is running. While this is probably not that useful it is more of an example. The actual application is flash making a web service call to get the current level and displaying it. I have included all the source code so you can see what the actual flash piece is doing. The code is very basic and mostly copied directly out of the flash help docs.

Created: 3/28/07 2:05 PM

Last Update: 3/28/07 11:25 PM

Extension for ColdFusion Builder to create Base64 strings of images to be used in CSS and image tags. Using base65 data strings instead of image calls reduced the network overhead to load web pages. This is especially helpful when dealing with phones or other devices that may have low bandwidth. This extension works a few different ways: 1: Selecting an image will result in returning a base64 string of that image. 2: Scan a directory of images and process them all as a batch. 3: Select a file such as a css document and it will scan the file for images and process them. 4: Create an image from scratch. This option is more for crating background image bars but can create other things as well. Update: V2.1 1: Added the ability to process cfm and html files. 2: Corrected some generation errors. 3: Added auto refresh of directory when processing a file. 4: Corrected timeout issue when trying to load remote images. Note: file scanning assumes images are paths are relative to the file being scanned. Also, if you are behind a proxy server and the images are remote the extension will not be able to call them in.

Created: 5/7/10 4:50 PM

Last Update: 5/14/10 11:23 AM

ImageViewer utilizes ColdFusion's image processing abilities to load a preview of an image into ColdFusion Builder. It can read an image from the navigator, or by right clicking on an image tag.

Created: 1/20/11 12:17 AM

Last Update: 1/20/11 8:12 AM

VFSManager v0.9.5.2

ColdFusion 9 introduced the VFS or Vitual File System. This is a drive that you can read / write to but it is in RAM. The downside if it being in ram is there was no way to brows the content, till now. With the VFSManager you can do just that and more. 10/18/09 UPDATE: V0.9.5.1 Now comes in 2 flavors... VFSManager Stand-alone VFSManager CFAdmin 10/25/09 Update: v0.9.5.2 Corrects a pathing error for the CFAdmin version. Both work the same with one distinct difference. The CFAdmin version can be inserted into the ColdFusion administrator. The download includes both flavors and instructions on how to add it to the ColdFusion Administrator. Features of VFS Manager: 1: View directory content. 2: Download content either by single item or whole directory. 3: Delete files or directories. 4: View VFS utilization. 5: Disable VFS. 6: Set size of VFS

Created: 10/2/09 7:33 PM

Last Update: 10/25/09 11:10 AM