I always love it when sites create a lightweight mobile version of their content. I have had many tries and failure to create a mobile version of cfhour.com. I could just never get certain parts right. However every failure brought me closer to what I was trying to accomplish.

The site is using Mango Blog. To create the mobile version I am using jQtouch and jQuery. This gives me the animation and interaction I am looking for in a familiar JavaScript framework. jQtouch is very easy to work with and is very straight forward in how to implement it. But, once you try and go a little off the reservation it gets a little complicated.

Where I kept getting tripped up was the dynamic loading. Every example I had seen used static content. The minor examples I saw were nothing near what I needed to accomplish. Then, a blog post came though from Ray Camden. He used a technique to load dynamic content I had never thought of.

Using this technique I was off and running. I quickly ran into a couple issues. My first issue was that once dynamic content loaded it would not reload. This was corrected with a configuration setting. After changing this setting I ran into what could be a memory overload. The setting to not cache the remote return causes every remote request to be added to the dom. The previous requests are left behind and no longer referenced.

Now, once I figured out how to get the data out of the database. I had to figure out what posts where shows and not just posts. Then get the comments for each post as well as the url to the mp3 file. All this was fairly simple, with the exception of the mp3 url.