Google Analytics breaks CFWINDOW

I recently posted that the CFHOUR() website was broken in IE8. It turned out that the break I saw there was also happening in Chrome and Firefox. I finally tracked down the break to the footer in the site. More specifically Google ad in the footer.

The actual break was only in CFWINDOW. On top of that it was only broken if you loaded a window more than once without refreshing the screen. I put in some code to detect that we were loading in to a CFWINDOW and to bypass the load of the footer.

Just something else to keep an eye out for when using dynamic windows.

Till next time...


CFMENU - Setting childstyle

While recently working with CFMemu in CF8 I ran across an issue with IE. The sub menu items were appearing on top of the parent items. After tons of digging I was able to figure out the problem. The problem was when setting the CHILDSTYLE in the cfmenu tag and putting in "overflow:hidden". For some reason this caused the sub menus to display over the parent, but only in IE. Below is a sample of code that will demonstrate. This is taken from the help docs. I took out some menu options to shrink the code.

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1<cfmenu name="menu" type="horizontal" fontsize="14" bgcolor="##CCFFFF" CHILDSTYLE="overflow:hidden;">
2 <cfmenuitem name="coldfusion"
3 href="" display="ColdFusion">

4 <cfmenuitem name="buy"
5 href="" display="Buy"/>

6 <cfmenuitem name="documentation"
7 href=""
8 display="Documentation"/>

9 </cfmenuitem>

Hope this helps you avoid the headaches I received.