A couple months ago, at the time of writing this, I noticed there was a need for a mobile app. The app was very targeted to a group of people and an organization. After talking with a few people about my idea I decide that the need for this target group was large enough that I should go ahead with building the app.

The app in question is for spectators to record the scores given by judges as an ATA event. Currently people just write them down on paper and keep track there. The scoring is a fairly simple 3 judge scoring system. The problem for the spectators is that there is no score board for them view.

I am using jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap to build the app. I have build a bunch of things with these tools before but mostly for fun. This will be the first commercial type app, that will go into the app stores, that has my name on it.

Over the course of the next couple months I made a few UI designs and floated those around. I received feedback and took parts of each one and created the final UI prototype. After checking with some people I went ahead and started building the app.

It took about a month to build the app from the UI mockups to a working, but crude, pro to type. I again enlisted feedback from some people and got more great feedback. I then continued to build the app out to a more alpha level and it worked as well as expected. I also finalized the features list for the first release. All that was left was to test it in the real world.

My real world testing would let me know a lot of things. Most importantly, if my design would hold up under real world conditions. I could also show the app to people outside my testing group and get some feedback.

The people that I showed it to were excited that someone was finally filling the void. Most of them had been looking for something like it for a long time but found nothing. They all asked the same basic question, when will it be available.

I didn't let anyone play with the app so all they had to go on was what I showed them. At this point I have at least gotten past my first problem. There is a need for it and people will want it. This got me excited as I felt I was on the right track.