Normally I use my blog as a vehicle to share what I have learned. I typically put things in my blog that are intended to help other developers. Today is a little different; this blog post is mostly for those that don't use ColdFusion. I am not sure that people who don't use ColdFusion will read my blog but hey, this is what I got.

I have had a twitter account ( for a long time. I never really used it until recently. Thanks to applications like TweetDeck it makes it much easier to use. I setup a search for "ColdFusion" to see what is going on out there. During the past couple weeks I have seen some things that seriously tick me off. I am generally a pretty calm person. It takes a lot to push me over the edge. I, as a general rule, try not to comment on the bantering of others. I find it very time consuming and tiresome.