The title says it all. In just under a week RIACon will be upon us. I am very excited to be attending the conference this year. It is one of the conferences I have yet to get to. Not only am I going to attend, I will also be speaking this year. My session will be covering Websockets in ColdFusion 10.

Websockets is probably one of the most underrated HTML5 features. Forms, Canvas, and Video seem to get all the HTML5 press. But, once you start using websockets you will start to think of ways to add it into your applications. They are super easy to implement but can become very powerful.

Then, if all that wasn't enough some big conference news came out this week. First off, I know I am a terrible spy, so keeping this to myself for a few days totally sucked. It was announced that there will be a panel discussion. The panel is titled.. "Developing for the Future: A Community Panel Discussion hosted by CFHour". Scott and myself will be moderating a panel to discuss current and future development trends. If you are going to the conference you will want to come to this. If you were thinking of going this should push you over the edge and make you want to be there.

The list of panel members is very impressive. The list includes...

Kelly Brown
Chief Technology Officer - AboutWeb

Gert Franz
Chief Executive Officer - Railo Technologies

Adam Lehman
Sr. Product Manager for Interactive Development - PhoneGap/Adobe

Joe Rinehart
Lead Associate - Booz Allen Hamilton

Todd Sharp
Associate - Booz Allen Hamilton

On a more personal note. I am very honored that we (CFHour) were chosen to moderate the panel. A big thank you goes out to Phill "From Brazil" Nacelli and the rest of those involved in the conference. I am excited to be a part of this event and am looking forward to it.

See you at RIACon.

Till next time...