Google Analytics breaks CFWINDOW

I recently posted that the CFHOUR() website was broken in IE8. It turned out that the break I saw there was also happening in Chrome and Firefox. I finally tracked down the break to the footer in the site. More specifically Google ad in the footer.

The actual break was only in CFWINDOW. On top of that it was only broken if you loaded a window more than once without refreshing the screen. I put in some code to detect that we were loading in to a CFWINDOW and to bypass the load of the footer.

Just something else to keep an eye out for when using dynamic windows.

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New year, new blog post

Holy Crap. I have not blogged in a long time! I wish I had a good reason but I don't. I have been very busy working on new projects at work. I am just not doing the coding on them.

I wish I could share some of the awesome things we do at work. I don't work in a top secret place but at the same time they frown on us sharing what we work on. That whole intellectual property thing bums me out sometimes.

The main reason for the lack of posting is that I have not been coding that much the past few months. I have been doing more team leading, application architecture, and designing instead. I am still on the fence as to what I like better.

I have to admit though, I do miss developing. I remember back in the day where all I had to do was to go work and code. Now, if I write more than 10 lines of code a week it is a miracle. There is a great satisfaction though of seeing a team of developers create something you designed.

I do have a couple upcoming projects that I will be able to share with everyone. Stay tuned for those as I hope they will be fun and interesting.

Also, a college and I will be starting our own podcast. We will be focusing on ColdFusion development and other tech things. We should have our first and second show out in the next week.

That is it for now. Hopefully I will have something actually useful soon.

Till next time...


My new baby is here

Just a quick announcement. My baby girl Carly Frances was born on 9/17 at 5:42am. She came in at 8lb 13oz and 21 in long. Everyone is doing just fine.


Hey, that is undocumented!

While working on a new application I ran into an interesting issue. The solution to the issue was complex, and I was not pleased with the result. The solution was far from elegant or streamlined. The code was totally bloated, but for necessary reasons. I reworked the code a few times and made it more compact but the end result was still not pleasing.

I bet you are saying, "If it works leave it alone" or something like that. If so I would tend to agree. However, I am one of those people that would spend an hour coding to squeeze out 500ms of processing. I am very critical of what I write and do my very best to make performance paramount.

After leaving the code sit for a few days I want back to it with a clear head. I then started poking around the net looking for ideas. I then started playing around using underlying java objects to make the code better. I then found some undocumented functions in CF that made the code even better.


What is wrong with me?

I just noticed that I have not blogged in a month. Looking back on the past month I see why. I started working in multiple projects. Fixed a static (ick) website for a friend. Started working on a few new other new ideas (more to come on this later). But, for the most part, I have been elbows deep in writing code. However, I have not been writing anything groundbreaking that is blog worthy. This should all hopefully change in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Till next time...


Go see Wicked!

OK, this entry has nothing do with with CF. However, it is my blog so...

I was finally able to see Wicked last night. I must say, if you have the opportunity to see it, GO. The show was absolutely phenomenal. Great story, great music, with just enough humor tossed in. It is a great twist on a well known story.

It is not a cheap show to see but it is worth the price of admission, and then some.

till next time,


2007 CFemmys voting open

Voting is now open for the 2007 CFemmys. You can Vote Here. Voting ends Friday 12/21 so don't delay. Thanks to Todd for organizing this.

I am actually nominated for an award in the Best Newcomer category.


New Blog URL

In case you haven't noticed my blog url has changed. Thanks to an assist from Raymond Camden all the links that went to the old blog url should still work. If you run into any issues please let me know.

The new url is

Please update your bookmarks, rss readers, or any other links accordingly.



Why did I not see this before

Ok... I seriously wish I would have seen this before. I was poking around the add-ons for FireFox and ran across this. It is an extension to switch a tabs rendering engine from FireFox to IE.

You can check it out here:


CFDJ out SLDJ in?

On the off chance you just got out of hibernation lets recap. Sys-Con has decided to drop CFDJ and replace it with SLDJ (SilverLight Developers Journal). Now, just in case you have seriously been out of touch. SilverLight is supposed to be the Flash killer from Microsoft (Draw your on conclusions here).

Their reasoning for dropping ... err ... relaunching CFDJ as SLDJ is just dumb and makes no sense. They claim that there is a move away from ColdFusion for AJAX, FLEX, and SilverLight. Well apparently they have no idea what these all are. ColdFusion is a back-end solution where as the others are user interface (RIA) items. Also, how can you relaunch something when the new content is completely different subject matter than the old?

I have not been a fan of CFDJ for some time now. The content has been nothing but lackluster for some time. They were always behind. They even tried to cover it up by not putting the month on the magazine cover anymore. Beyond that the article content was behind as well. The latest issue has the lead story on test driving CF8 beta. But, when I received it CF8 was out of beta and in full release.

For me personally, I am glad to see it go. It was doing ColdFusion a dis-service as a developers journal. I would rather read more current things from blogs and online articles that are covering current issues.

The huge bright side in all this is that I don't have to go to sys-con's pos website anymore. That site should be on the list of the top 5 worst web sites ever.


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