jQuery Mobile in Dreamweaver - Live View

I just ran into this so I figured I would let others know. I was working with jQuery Mobile in Dreamweaver CS5 using live view and the links were not working. I could not get animations or even simple anchors to work. After searching and some trial and error I ran into this setting.

Make sure that you either enable "Follow links continuously" or "Follow Link" is selected. Otherwise clicking on links/buttons has no effect.

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ColdExt Dreamweaver Tag Library RC1

Recently an update was released for ColdExt to version RC1. This update also included an update to the eclipse tag library. So, to stay on point, I have generated a new version of the Dreamweaver Tag Library for ColdExt. I have also changed the version number of the DW Tag Lib to be consistent with ColdExt.

You can get the update here: coldext_DW_Tag_LibRC1.zip.

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ColdEXT Dreamweaver Tag Library Update

It was brought to my attention yesterday that a part of the install instructions for the tag library are not accurate (Good catch Richard). The instructions will fail at step 4 under a couple specific conditions. This is because the file to be modified in this step does not exist. It is created by Dreamweaver after a user alters the default configuration.

To correct the issue either install the ColdFusion 8 tag library or create a new tag library in Dreamweaver then delete it. Either of these steps will create the directory and file that you will need to modify.

I will be updating the install instructions soon to reflect this.



ColdEXT Dreamweaver Tag Library

I have been using ColdEXT from Justin Carter for a little while now and I love it. It made the difficult task of writing EXT a breeze. My only issue was that if I was using Dreamweaver for coding there was no tag insight. I had to do all my coding for ColdEXT in CFEclipse.

Granted, not the end of the world as I prefer to use CFEclipse. However, I can't use it all the time and I don't like having to edit the same file in 2 different editors.

So, I took a few days of figuring out how Dreamweaver did tag libraries. Then I spend more time going over the tag library xml doc that comes with ColdEXT. I then spent some time writing some ColdFusion code. I was able to convert the XML doc to a query and generate the necessary vtm files to create a Dreamweaver tag library.

I have not done extensive testing with every tag. I did random checks of the result and it all looks good. So, here it is. Let me know if you run into any issues. Installation instructions are included in the zip. I don't have a MAC so I can't create instructions for that OS. If anyone has the OS and can modify the instructions let me know and I will update them.

coldext DW Tag Lib v1.zip

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Dreamweaver CS4 Beta is out

As you may or may not know Dreamweaver CS4 Beta is out at labs.adobe.com. I took it for a short test run a little while ago and here are my first impressions (for what they are worth).

Overall Look: The look of the app has changed drastically. The standard windows title bar is gone. All of the tabs have a very boxy feel to them. I am not a mac guy but the interface seems very macish. The gutter bar next to an open file is a little dark and hard to recognize what options are available.

New Features: One of the coolest new features to me is the Code Explorer. This allows you to navigate to included code without using the flies panel to open them. I can see this working great for standard non-dynamic include sites. However, if you use a dynamic path to your include or do not store your code below the web root it does not work. It will also not follow an extends or a createobject to a cfc. Maybe I am missing something but I also do not see a way to turn this feature off.

Another new feature is the split code view. You can now open a file and have 2 scrolling windows that scroll the same file. This is very handy when working with large files.

Overall it is a nice product. However, I still feel if fails in comparison to code editors like CFEclipse. It still feels to design centric and not like a true coding IDE.

So, go download it and form your own opinion.

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Dreamweaver CS3 ticks me off

Well, I have been using DW CS3 for a while now. I must say, as I have said before, that it does not seem like a new version to me. It seems like they just took DW8, added the spry stuff, and called it DW CS3. I totally feel sorry for those that have paid for an upgrade only to find the same product with a new name. For me, this is probably one of the most disappointing product offerings I have ever seen.

Today I ran into another stupid bug that just makes me think that it was not tested. Try this, open a site that has an ftp remote and be in local view. Right click on a folder and create a new file. Name it something like test.cfc and then open the file. You will see that the file has a basic default component structure. Now, switch to remote and do the same. Open the remote file and see what you get. You should get a file that contains default html instead of the default component.

One of these days I will figure out how to get around the technical limitation of CFEClipse so I can use it.