Developer Week Slides and Code

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Here are the slides and the sample code from my ColdFusion Developer Week 2012 presentation; User Experience upgrade through HTML5 charts and videos.

The sample code does contain the sample videos as well so it is a bit large (45mb).

Download Sample Code

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ColdFusion 9 - Deleting all items in VFS

Deleting all files from a directory or the entire directory tree has become very trivial. Especially since ColdFusion 7 when the recurse attribute was added. With VFS (ram drive) you can use all the same tags to manage drive contents as you would with a physical drive.

So... to remove the entire content of the VFS you can use one line of code:

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1<cfdirectory action="delete" directory="ram://" recurse="true" >

However, in doing so ColdFusion throws an error:

The specified directory attribute ram:/// cannot be deleted.
You may not have permissions to delete this directory. The exception occurred during a cfdirectory action="delete".

The essence of the error is true. You can't delete the "ram://" root. So, all you have to do is suppress this error using cftry. But be careful this will not only suppress the error we expect but any unexpected errors as well.

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ColdFusion 9 - CFScript Examples - QUERY

For those that don't know, I am a cfscript nut. I write almost everything in script. I find it much better to read, understand and it just flows better.

So, you can only imagine my excitement when I found out about the ColdFusion 9 enhancements to cfscript. I had been creating my own functions for a while to add functionality to cfscript. But now they have gone and done it for me.

So, here is a first in a series of code examples for cfscript. This example I will focus on running queries. One thing you will notice in the example code that I don't define a datasource. This is because the datasource is defined in application.cfc. This is done by adding "this.datasource = 'cfbookclub';" to your application.cfc.

All these examples use the "cfbookclub" sample datasource that is instlled with CodFusion.

There are multiple ways to run a query inside cfscript.