CFHOUR() Show #19 - Bunch of random stuff and contest

cfhour().com show 19... bunch of random stuff. Listen to the show to get info on the contest.

CFHOUR() Show #16 - More ColdFusion 9 Talk

CFHour() show #16 is up! More talk on CF9 and Mike gets on a soapbox.

CFHOUR() Show #15 - Interview with Adam Lehman

Check out our interview with Adam Lehman from Adobe for the CFHour().com podcast.

CFHOUR() Q/A Show - What does X really do?

Here we go again. Round 2 in the Q/A show series. The first time we did this we had such a large response it spanned 2 shows.

This time we want to answer your questions on "What does X really do?". Now, X can be anything (ColdFusion / Technology related of course). Anything from, the CFQUERY tag to a setting in the cf administrator. No question is to small or large.

Yea, you could probably find your own answer in the ColdFusion docs. However, the docs do not give real world, practical answers. We will lean on our experience and give you the answers that you just cant find in the help docs.

Send in the questions.

Till next time...


CFHour Show #10

Show #10 is up. This show is a first in a series where we answer user questions about learning CF.

Till next time...


CFHOUR() QA Show - Learning pain points

On a suggestion from Ray Camden, we are going to devote next weeks show to Q/A. For this show we will focus on learning pain points. This is more focused on the ColdFusion newbie and their trials and tribulations in learning CF. So send in your questions (try to be brief). You can either post your questions as a comment to this post or email them to We are also going to try and get Skype setup by then so we can talk to you on the show.

Till next time,


CFHour() Episode #3

CFHOUR() Episode #3 is out. This show we discuss integrating other PDF processing tools and Database Architecture with our colleague Marc Kane.

Also, you can find us via iTunes by searching for "cfhour" or by clicking here.


CFHour() Episode #2 is out

We finally got our our second episode. You can check out all the goodness here:

Also, you can find us via iTunes by searching for "cfhour" or by clicking here.


It is finally here podcast

My buddy, Michael Sean Becker, and I had this idea while ago to do a podcast on ColdFusion and other technologies. Well, after months of work, and a few failed attempts at recording we are finally live!

You can check it out in all it's glory at

I don't do marketing so insert some cool marketing stuff here that will make you want to listen to the show.

Hope you listen to the show.


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