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Since the show is for the people we would like to know what the people want. We do our best to talk about subject that we feel are of interest. However, we may not have hit on something that interestes you. Also, if there is something we are doing that you are not a fan of let us know that as well.

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CFHour Interview with new ColdFusion Product Manager

About a week or so ago (at the time of writing this) the new ColdFusion Product Manager was announced. I managed to have a chat with the new captain for the CFHour Podcast. So, take a listen and see what the new guy has in store for us.

Show 106 - Interview with new ColdFusion Product Manager

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CFHour 100th Show info

There has been some exciting news about the CFHour podcast 100th show lately.   The big announcement today was that Ben Forta will be the special guest on the show.


You can check out all the latest news here:


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cf.Objective() speakers on CFHour

A couple months ago we started the series on CFHour where we talked to speakers at cf.Objective.  With the release of Show 98 we have concluded the series.  It took 7 shows and 2 months to get them all out.  Some of the shows ended up being a little long but they are all full of great content and worth a listen. 

In the end I am very pleased with the outcome. It was a lot of fun to put together.   I truly hope that everyone enjoyed listening to the series.  Also, a big thank you goes to all the speakers that were on the show.  We truly appreciate then taking the time to be a part of this.


Emily Christiansen, Jeff Gladnick, and Matthew Woodward

Mark Drew, Mike Brunt, and Nathan Strutz

Adam Tuttle, Bucky Schwarz, Daria Norris, and Jonathan Arp

Matt Quackenbush, Scott Stroz, and Vicky Ryder

Peter Bell, Steve Bryant, Tim Cunningham, and Sean Corfield

Ezra Parker and Jason Dean

Charlie Arehart and Mark Mandel


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CFHour Special Edition- ColdBox 3.0

Today marks the release of ColdBox 3.0.  An exciting new release that has more features than you can shake a stick at.  We managed to sit down with Luis Majano and Curt Gratz from the ColdBox team and talk about the latest release.

You can listen to the intervew here:

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CFHour: cf.Objective Speakers Issue 1

Today's CFHour episode (#92) is the first in a new multi-part series.  This series is all about the speakers for cf.Objective().  We will be interviewing many of the speakers for the conference.  We will talk to a few speakers a show and discuss their session(s).  So sit back and relax and enjoy the series.


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CFHour Show 77- Book Contest

In the latest episode of CFHour (show 77) we are giving away a couple books courtesy of Packt Publishing. listen to the show closely and find out how to enter. Show #77 - Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff

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--Dave Mobile

I always love it when sites create a lightweight mobile version of their content. I have had many tries and failure to create a mobile version of I could just never get certain parts right. However every failure brought me closer to what I was trying to accomplish.

The site is using Mango Blog. To create the mobile version I am using jQtouch and jQuery. This gives me the animation and interaction I am looking for in a familiar JavaScript framework. jQtouch is very easy to work with and is very straight forward in how to implement it. But, once you try and go a little off the reservation it gets a little complicated.

Where I kept getting tripped up was the dynamic loading. Every example I had seen used static content. The minor examples I saw were nothing near what I needed to accomplish. Then, a blog post came though from Ray Camden. He used a technique to load dynamic content I had never thought of.

Using this technique I was off and running. I quickly ran into a couple issues. My first issue was that once dynamic content loaded it would not reload. This was corrected with a configuration setting. After changing this setting I ran into what could be a memory overload. The setting to not cache the remote return causes every remote request to be added to the dom. The previous requests are left behind and no longer referenced.

Now, once I figured out how to get the data out of the database. I had to figure out what posts where shows and not just posts. Then get the comments for each post as well as the url to the mp3 file. All this was fairly simple, with the exception of the mp3 url.

[More] Show #46 - Interview Adam Lehman about ColdFusion Builder

Check out the interview with Adam Lehman about ColdFusion Builder.

CFHour().com show #23 - Mura Interview

In this show we are all over the map. Mainly we interview Matt Levine and Sean Schroeder from Blue River. These are they guys that are responsible for Mura CMS. We talk about many things including the technology behind Mura as well as its comparison to other CMS systems. We also go into the blog post from Adam Lehman about open source projects.

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