I just installed the CFEclipse ColdFusion 8 beta plugin and it has an error. If you go to manage configuration after installing the plugin the status will show this error:

Plug-in "com.adobe.coldfusion_help_8" version "0.9.0" referenced by this feature is missing.

However, in tracking this down I discovered that this error may not be true. The file referenced was there so there must be something else not quite right with the plugin. Be that as it may it is easy to get around this so the plugin reports that it is configured properly.

To fix this do the following:

In the following file: [installdir]\eclipse\features\ColdFusion_Plugins_0.5.171622\feature.xml

remove this section:

view plain print about
2 id="com.adobe.coldfusion_help_8"
3 download-size="0"
4 install-size="0"
5 version="0.9.0"/>

After removing it restart eclipse. The plugin should now report it is configured correctly.