Just a quick note about the new API Manager now available for ColdFusion 2016. At the end of the installer you are presented with some information and links to get things going. However, that information is not written to a log file anywhere and is very difficult to find. Below is the output from the end of the install. This was taken from an install that used all the defaults on a Mac. You might need to adjust for your specific install.

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3API Manager has been successfully installed at: /Applications/ColdFusion2016APIManager.
5Start Data Store and Analytics Server before starting the API Manager using 'start.sh' at /Applications/ColdFusion2016APIManager/bin/start.sh.
7Data Store can be started from /Applications/ColdFusion2016APIManager/database/datastore using the command 'redis-server redis.conf.properties'.
9Analytics Server can be started from /Applications/ColdFusion2016APIManager/database/analytics/bin using the command 'elasticsearch'.
11You can access the API Manager administrator portal at http://localhost:9000/admin/
12You can access the API Manager Publisher/Subscriber portal at http://localhost:9000/portal/