For those of you not listening to the podcast, www.cfhour.com, after many years at Disney I decided to change jobs. Leaving Disney was not a decision I took lightly. The decision process caused many sleepless nights and many moments of panic. But with the help of family and friends I was, obviously, able to make a final decision.

I have to say, leaving somewhere you have been for just shy of 11 years is tough. There is nothing that can prepare you for that day you resign nor the last day at work. I wish all the best to those friends I left behind at Disney. I know they will go forth and blaze a path on on their own.

So, what am I doing now? Well, I am now a Sr. Developer at Nonfat Media. I am very excited about the future and what lies ahead. It is a strange place to be at the moment. I am coming from somewhere where I had all the answers to somewhere I have to ask all the questions. Once I get my bearings and get some knowledge I know I will be able to help do great things here.

So, what about my blog (haven't blogged in a while) and the podcast? They will both continue on. I have gotten permission to talk and blog about things that I do here (with some restrictions). So, I hope that along my new journey of learning I will be able to teach others as well.

Till next time...