So, how did I get started? For me it was a complete fluke. I actually had no aspirations of getting into technology at all. Infact, I was on my way to being a restaurant manager for Denny's. Following in my mothers footsteps. Then a complete and unexpected event happened and I found my self a ColdFusion programmer.

I was young main in my early 20's. Working at Denny's and just enjoying life. Then, when helping my mom move a refrigerator a freak accident changed my life. I was moving the refrigerator through a door when it fell on me. I suffered a severely messed up ankle and a dislocated hip. My hip went back into place on its own. My ankle was a whole noter story.

I ended up not breaking anything but it would be months before I was able to walk again. It would be years before I could walk for distance without any pain. I spent the next 9 months on crutches and in wheelchairs. I spend many an hour in physical therapy to get my ankle back a useable condition.

It was about a year after my accident that my doctor told me I needed to find a new career. He said I am young and it should not difficult. I was spending lots of time on BBS systems during my healing. So, getting into computers seemed like a good idea. I picked up a few books and did lots of reading. The internet was not the same back then as it was today. Books were still the best way to get accurate information.

Fast forward a couple months. I was sitting in Denny's bar ( yes the Denny's I worked at had a bar) reading of all things "HTML for Dummies". A customer who I knew from when I worked there came up to me. He asked me if I built websites. I said I was just starting out and learning. He offered me the opportunity to create a website for his company. I took the offer and was off to the races.

I was working with a form submission and was having some issues. I talked to a friend and he suggested that I build it using Cold Fusion (yes with a space cause that is how it was spelled back then). The rest is history.

For a more to this story please listen to episode 107 of the CFHour podcast where I tell this story in much more detail.

Till next time,