Well... I had this great idea a while back to make my blog black with some blue parts. The more I looked at it the more I hated it.

When I got back from cf.Objective I decided to change it. However, in the past, to change, it I had to modify the blog code a bunch to get the blog to work with the layout template I choose. The issue with that is my blog would go a long time without updates as getting them in was time consuming. This time I decided to be a little smarter.

I used the stock layout that comes with BlogCFC and just altered the header bar. Nothing groundbreaking but at least I can easily update the site now.

The one thing I did was create the projects page. This is just a BlogCFC page with a renderer. Little did I know that BlogCFC has this slick function that allows you to put dynamic content into pages. After a little chat with Ray Camden about it I got it working. The project page is now a pull of the xml feed from RIAForge.org.

So that is about it for now.

Till next time...