A couple months ago we started the series on CFHour where we talked to speakers at cf.Objective.  With the release of Show 98 we have concluded the series.  It took 7 shows and 2 months to get them all out.  Some of the shows ended up being a little long but they are all full of great content and worth a listen. 

In the end I am very pleased with the outcome. It was a lot of fun to put together.   I truly hope that everyone enjoyed listening to the series.  Also, a big thank you goes to all the speakers that were on the show.  We truly appreciate then taking the time to be a part of this.


Emily Christiansen, Jeff Gladnick, and Matthew Woodward

Mark Drew, Mike Brunt, and Nathan Strutz

Adam Tuttle, Bucky Schwarz, Daria Norris, and Jonathan Arp

Matt Quackenbush, Scott Stroz, and Vicky Ryder

Peter Bell, Steve Bryant, Tim Cunningham, and Sean Corfield

Ezra Parker and Jason Dean

Charlie Arehart and Mark Mandel


Till next time...