I have been tinkering with jQuery Mobile since the first alpha.  I have even built a few things with it.  I have found it to be a very powerfull way to create mobile applications with little or no JavasScript.  Not to say that writing JavaScript is bad, just pointing out the ease of use that jQuery Mobile brings to the table.

When working on things I always found myself doing one of two things.  Either copying and pasting code from other projects or gettting samples from the JQM site. These both worked just well but it just seemed inefficient to me.  I started creating myself a snipits library of things I commonly used.  This seemed to work much better as I now had some generic sample code to use in projects.  However, I never had everything I was looking for.

It was then that I thought there could be a better way.  This is when JQMobile Helper, a ColdFusion Builder 2 extension, was born.  This gave me all the common elements I was using and then some.

In building the extension I ran into a couple challenges.  

First, this was my first extension that would have no UI elements.  This created some unique debugging challenges but none that weren't easily dealt with.  

Second hurdle was using call backs.  This was the first extension I have built that would use them.  The documentation on how they work is a bit hit add miss so this part was harder than it needed to be.  I eventually found an example and was able to use it as a base for my work.

My third issue was overcoming code bloat.  This in itself was not a major issue but more of an architectural issue. I wanted to reduce the amount of code in the extension as most of it was redundant.  After asking around about the issue, Ray Camden came up with a great idea that worked perfectly.  

The hardest part of all this was gathering all the snipits of code.  Not only that but then grouping them into some logical order. 

All said and done the extension was fun to build.  I learned a lot more about extensions and gained some knowledge that I can apply to future extensions.


You can view/download the extension here: http://jqmobilehelper.riaforge.org/


Till next time,