Well.. I succumbed to the marketing pressure and installed IE 8. First thing I did was start checking my sites against it.

My blog seems to work just fine. I did not find any apparent issues with it.

I have a couple other sites I have worked on and they were all ok. These were a peppering of CF8 sites that used JQuery, and EXT.

Then I got to the CFHOUR.com site. The site loaded just fine and the layout was correct. The windows for comments and subscribe loaded fine. The site appeared to work as expected.

Then, just for fun I thought I would click on a comment link a second time to load a window again. This where IE 8 crashed. The window opened then a couple seconds later froze. The loading animated GIF stopped animating and I could not click on anything. I opened a new tab and I was able to work in that tab so I know the browser as a whole was ok.

Then I tried to refresh the frozen tab. The tab reloaded in under a second to a blank screen. Trying to go to any other url in that tab did not work either. It would just sit there in a "connecting... " state.

I do not have a resolution for this as of yet. Once I figure out the problem I will let everyone know. The odd thing is that the site is not using anything special that I don't have on other sites that work fine.

Till next time...