On the off chance you just got out of hibernation lets recap. Sys-Con has decided to drop CFDJ and replace it with SLDJ (SilverLight Developers Journal). Now, just in case you have seriously been out of touch. SilverLight is supposed to be the Flash killer from Microsoft (Draw your on conclusions here).

Their reasoning for dropping ... err ... relaunching CFDJ as SLDJ is just dumb and makes no sense. They claim that there is a move away from ColdFusion for AJAX, FLEX, and SilverLight. Well apparently they have no idea what these all are. ColdFusion is a back-end solution where as the others are user interface (RIA) items. Also, how can you relaunch something when the new content is completely different subject matter than the old?

I have not been a fan of CFDJ for some time now. The content has been nothing but lackluster for some time. They were always behind. They even tried to cover it up by not putting the month on the magazine cover anymore. Beyond that the article content was behind as well. The latest issue has the lead story on test driving CF8 beta. But, when I received it CF8 was out of beta and in full release.

For me personally, I am glad to see it go. It was doing ColdFusion a dis-service as a developers journal. I would rather read more current things from blogs and online articles that are covering current issues.

The huge bright side in all this is that I don't have to go to sys-con's pos website anymore. That site should be on the list of the top 5 worst web sites ever.