Well, I have been using DW CS3 for a while now. I must say, as I have said before, that it does not seem like a new version to me. It seems like they just took DW8, added the spry stuff, and called it DW CS3. I totally feel sorry for those that have paid for an upgrade only to find the same product with a new name. For me, this is probably one of the most disappointing product offerings I have ever seen.

Today I ran into another stupid bug that just makes me think that it was not tested. Try this, open a site that has an ftp remote and be in local view. Right click on a folder and create a new file. Name it something like test.cfc and then open the file. You will see that the file has a basic default component structure. Now, switch to remote and do the same. Open the remote file and see what you get. You should get a file that contains default html instead of the default component.

One of these days I will figure out how to get around the technical limitation of CFEClipse so I can use it.