I was working on a flash application and wanted to concatenate a piece of static text with dynamic text. Instead of writing out this whole long thing to do it I figured I could pull it of using a conditional operator. For those that are unfamiliar a conditional operator in flash looks like this:

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1var x:Number = 5;
2var y:Number = 10;
3var z = (x < 6) ? x: y;
4trace (z); // returns 5

So. This is what my code looked like. Taking a static piece of text and adding a conditional dynamic piece to the end.
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1action_lbl.text = 'Action: ' + (selAction == 1) ? 'In':'Out';

However no matter what the var selAction actually was the text for action_lbl was always "In".
After doing some digging I found out that a conditional operator used in this fashion will always fail. I wrote a little test to confirm.
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1thisTrace = 'something: ' + (5 == 1)? 'var 1':'var 2';
2trace(thisTrace); // returns "var 1";

Now after all this I am back to where I started.