I am working on a new project. It was the result of my need to figure out a few things in a different project I was working on.

I have named this project "CFCMApper". Basically it maps out all the dependences between CFCs. The mapper will crawl a directory recursively and find all the CFCs. It will take what it finds and map out other object calls are made from inside the CFCs. IT will then store the results and create a browsable version. You can then see what object calls are being made by a CFC. You will also be able to do the inverse and see what CFCs are calling an specific object.

This is not a replacement for the CFC explorer that ships with ColdFusion. It is merely a tool to see the dependences between objects. The CFC explorer does not examine the code for object calls nor does it create a list of dependences. The CFCMapper does not go into detail about the CFC.

More details to come as I work out all the code. I will be setting up a website for it very soon so stay tuned. The website will allow you to sign-up to get a prerelease version to take it for a test drive. If you want to get an alpha version to play around with send me an email (dave@dkferguson.com) and I'll get it to you.